We can undertake registration of domain names on your behalf of .co.uk, .com, .net .com.ng, gov.ng, .tv or any other domain type (including international domains).

You can have as many domain names as you like pointing to your website.
Unless you request otherwise, we will hold these registrations on your behalf so that they are renewed at the correct time, as failure to renew them can result in loss of the domain.

Please note we only undertake domain registrations for customers as part of a web design project.

We can deal with all aspects of your website – from domain names to hosting, and advise on marketing it. Website hosting is the term used to describe the placing of your website and all it’s files, on a computer permanently linked to the Internet (a web server).

We offer hosting for your web site on our own servers, located in a state of the art Datacenter.
Our servers have a full range of facilities including PHP, MySql, Unlimited email addresses and generous bandwidth allowances. Server uptime is 99.9%.

Hosting can facilitate the use of SSL certificates (for eCommerce sites)

Alternatively you are free to host your web site wherever you like.