Behind our understanding of clients’ needs is our ability to listen. Years of experience as both a client and a supplier have underscored the importance of the nuances of our clients’ businesses – and understanding these.

Just as important as listening is collaborating. We work hard to understand and interpret the evolving needs of clients, working with our clients as much as for our clients to meet their evolving needs.

The goal, in each instance, is a solution that fits together with future goals, current business practice, organisational culture, and investment and return profiles.

As such, KIITE commits to ensuring every client:
o is fully appraised of the opportunities and challenges presented by the possibilities of convergence as they relate to their organisation
o is recommended an approach that provides the complete answer to their particular needs as well as being as straightforward as possible
o is supported by a team with the right level and nature of expertise for the job, and utilising the right world-class technologies
o benefits from a high degree of collaboration with the KIITE team at every step

KIITE’s Services
KIITE’s approach to convergence and ICT has one over-riding aim: making development, planning and implementation simple and complete for clients.
This demands that KIITE is as integrated as the solutions we provide. A useful way of expressing this is as follows:

Why Choose KIITE
KIITE is a single source provider of all your technology needs.
We provide you with an expert team of technology practitioners, supported by a pro-active client relationship and service team. Together they create and manage complex solutions across the full spectrum of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) services.

From systems integration and application development through to hardware deployment and support, KIITE delivers IT services and solutions to match your organisation’s objectives; whether your need is to drive down costs, increase efficiency, improve customer service or maintain business continuity.

KIITE’s scale and breadth of capability enables you to drive IT services and solutions from the heart of your business to the edge, generating greater value at reduced risk and lower cost, without compromising standards.